Liveright Publishing

work I’ve done for the Liveright publishing marketing departmet, including totes, event collateral, tour graphics, social graphics, ads for NYT different ink densities and optimized for different viewpoints. 

Paul McCartney The Lyrics merch

To celebrate the launch of Paul McCartney’s The Lyrics I worked with the team at Liveright to create a poster, a tote bag (with a special Barnes and Noble edition) and t shirts to be worn by Barnes and Nobel employees. The designs were made to compliment the books beautiful slipcase.

Graphics for social media and Amazon/Twitter Banners 

These assets are created to be used on Amazons book page, and the squares are also used on social media, I adapt them to compliment each books design

Hanging Signage

Some Vinyl posters I made for an event now hanging at Barnes and Noble

Information Tidying for B2B ad

I was asked to make the ad on the left more unified and cleaner in its design, and compliment the cover more. The end result does not have the same empty spaces, and it all feels like it’s designed together while drawing attention to the more important information.

Magazine ad

Magazine ad for A Thousand May Fall, designed to mimic ads set in the time the book takes place